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Bi is a way of life.. I think it gives me more sensuality.. more tolerance for the lesser in life. Do I go out and just pick up women.. no! Do I go out looking no! When I came into the life style I was so against it and the more I played with our large group the light came on so to speak.. the sexuality and sensuality in me just blossomed.. from bold kissing in public with my girl friends to sharing men and ourselves. It is not in the slightest a lesbian tendencies... I love men too much I do not want to be with a woman the rest of my life.. now a man.. that's a different story. I don't take on wannabes they have to be.. as like my men I am selective about my women.

I love being bisexual. It's like having the best of both worlds. I love men and women. I love sensual women and intriguing men. I am incredibly attract to both. There is nothing that turns me on more than being in bed with both. I don't think I would completely happy with just one. Every time I am without one for some time I miss it and start fantasizing with it. I guess thats what defines a bisexual person like myself.

Bisexuality- Fem vs. Butch

I recently came to the realization that I am bisexual. For years I had dreams of having sex with women, quite vividly sometimes, but it was only until my husband suggested a threesome and I agreed to it, that I realized how much I am also attracted to women. Having said that though, I find I am only attracted to beautiful, sexy, fit, well-groomed women. I have absolutely no attraction to women who look like men. Am I alone? Why bother being bisexual if the women you are attracted to just look like men anyway? There are a lot of women on this site who post pics where they aren't even smiling...they do nothing to even make themselves look nice. I don't get it at all. If you are looking for someone, shouldn't you at least put your best self out there. Someone please explain how a butch is attractive? I am attracted to men who are men and women who are women and look like women, beautiful hair, soft skin and sweet smelling.